Using RSS with KnowledgeShareÔ  Services

for Product Marketing




RSS feeds are one of the fastest growing methods of delivering Internet content.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  Content in an RSS feed is automatically delivered to a subscriber's RSS reader or browser as "episodes,"  which are manageable chunks of information delivered on a regular basis to subscribers.  


The advantage of an RSS feed over content access from a web page is that once a subscription is made, content is automatically loaded into a folder in the subscriber's reader.   It is not necessary for the recipient to input a web address or URL, and subscribers can open folders at their convenience.


Content for an RSS feed includes documents, pictures, automated slide shows with or without audio, and movies.   Product brochures, specifications, product overviews, customer testimonials, case histories, videos of company personnel, press releases, application notes, and almost any type of product information can be an RSS episode.


KnowledgeShare Services is a package of internet and podcast services designed to market your product via RSS feeds and video podcasts.    Your product is showcased to your customers and prospects via automatically delivered RSS feeds and video podcasts designed and maintained specifically for you by KnowledgeLink, Inc.


A person gets an RSS feed by subscribing.  This is done by inputting the feed's web address (URL) into a reader, which may be embedded in a web browser (e.g.:  Microsoft Outlook 7.0), or stand-alone (e.g.:  iTunes or Google Reader).   Another way to subscribe is to click on an RSS link (a symbol like this    or this ) on a web page. 


After subscribing, the user receives episodes into an easily identified electronic folder.  Potential subscribers can preview content from episodes on the RSS before subscribing to decide whether they wish to receive regular updates.  The content of an RSS feed is often downloaded to a personal viewing device, such as an iPod, iPhone, or Zune,  for later off-line viewing as a video podcast.


The advantage of using KnowledgeShareÔ Services for your marketing via RSS feeds is that it's easy to do, doesn't require involvement by your IT staff, and is targeted to your intended audience. We reformat your source content as needed, create the code for your feed, and store your source documents on our server, eliminating the need for in-house IT support and dedicated storage. Your content privacy can be protected by password access. Your target audience receives automatic company news, separate from email flows that are often ignored or tagged as spam.  


To see an example of an RSS feed used to market products, click on the  icon to the left of the menu text for “Tools to Market Your Products.”


To learn more about how KnowledgeLink can customize KnowledgeShareÔ services to make your product marketing more effective, contact KnowledgeLink, Inc. by clicking on the email button at the KnowledgeLink, Inc. web site, or send us an email at